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Interview with Azis
The titan of pop-folk on image, controversy & international fame.
Originally published in Balkania Fanzine #1

Balkania Fanzine: Hi Azis, thank you for taking time to speak with us. Could you start off by telling us: what’s the best thing about being Azis and what’s the most difficult?

Azis: I like to shock and at the same time to feel the adoration in the eyes of the people. I like the feeling when I see them startled and confused from the fact that they have denied people like me their whole lives and now they stand in front of me revering me and trembling. I change people, destinies, taboos! So far I have no difficulties doing all that. I don’t encounter any, indeed. I just have fun with the fake morality of the Bulgarians.

Balkania Fanzine: How did you first decide to incorporate female dress and style into your image?

Azis: How did I first decide? This is the funniest question I have ever heard. How can someone decide to do such thing? You are just born with the idea to wear these clothes or otherwise you ‘ll never take a look at them. 
I was just born with that idea and it didn’t occur to me suddenly. I just like to wear women clothes and I think they fit me perfectly.

Balkania Fanzine: Was it an immediate success? 

Azis: Yes, the success came immediately after I started putting on the heavy make-up.. And this is one more proof for how pervert people we are. I could remain an ordinary travestite but NO… The audience decided to crown me. I became the most famous star on the Balkans.

Balkania Fanzine: “Gender-bending” has stuck with you over the past 10 years and is central to your image, do you have a social/political agenda? Or are you courting controversy?

Azis: So far I never had problems with my image. But in the USA it’s different – you sue even for the slightest thing. You have become byword for that! It’s funny but your laws are so…

Balkania Fanzine: Do you consider yourself an LGBT leader?

Azis: No, I’m just strange and very famous. I don’t like gays and lesbians. Somehow they seem fake to me. I don’t want to be reduced to a common denominator with them.

Balkania Fanzine: How do you come up with your looks and concepts for your videos? Do you have a team like ‘haus of gaga’ ? Perhaps ‘haus of Azis’? 

Azis: All alone! The ideas, the clothes – I invent everything by myself. I have a seamstress that makes the clothes I like and I invent cause it’s much easier for me. I don’t let anyone to interfere in what I do! I’m the boss of my own!

Balkania Fanzine: Who are your major inspirations when it comes to your videos and photoshoots?

Azis: Nothing inspires me – I do everything according to my own plans!

Balkania Fanzine: How do you maintain your signature blonde beard? what is your secret?

Azis: I peroxide it every three days. I do it alone because I can’t rush to the beauty saloon all the time for that.

Balkania Fanzine: What do you think about becoming more known globally? Is it what you’ve always wanted?

Azis: I am partially world-famous now. I will stop only when I stand side by side with Madonna.

Balkania Fanzine: Are there other Bulgarian singers that have the potential to become international stars?

Azis: No, there are no other famous people in Bulgaria which have the potential. I’m sorry for being so sincere but… I’m the only one who has chances to succeed.

Balkania Fanzine: Is there anything else you would like to say to your American fans?

Azis: America, I’m coming! GaGa: beware and be ready to leave the stage so I can spread my dress on it! You stand in my way!

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